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One of the common problems that PC users face is a slow computer system. After using their computer for some time, the computer system tends to become slower than it was in the initial stage. So cleaning up the system to speed up your computer is a great way to maintain good performance. System Mechanic brings users the best tool in this purpose. Check our System Mechanic review to know how to fix and speed up your PC automatically. You also get 50% OFF with our special coupon code at

An In-depth System Mechanic Review

What is System Mechanic?

System mechanic reviewSystem Mechanic is a PC fix and clean up tool to maintain top level performance. It fixes the errors and freezes of your pc to keep it running smoothly.

System Mechanic is also known as the number one best-selling PC performance and tune-up software in several countries namely the US, Canada, France and Benelux countries. This report is according to NPD and other similar sources. It is being used by about 32 million people to maintain about 75 million computers. Its excellent performance placed it to the top by the industry and technical experts around the world.

As the name suggests, System Mechanic is a viable new program bound to make amends to any sort of glitches the PC may be undergoing or is potentially going to experience. It avoids all sorts of risk factors and steers the user away from hazardous situations. The fundamental aim of this amazing tune-up software is to improve system’s tenacity whilst boosting the speed as well.

System Mechanic is definitely in a league of its own given its multi-tasking capabilities. It not only provides a solution to troublesome viruses but also expedites the routine functions of PC systems.

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What’s New in this System Mechanic Version?

If the computer systems are a little slow due to outdated software or constant malicious attacks, then installing System Mechanic is the solution. The PC tune-up utility software accelerates all primary duties of PC and maintains a scrupulous clean-up guard on. This version is much more evolved and focused compared to other such performance-optimizer, thus it should be a top preference. Using sophisticated techniques, System Mechanic cleanses repairs and adjusts the speed according to the newest standards. Along with simplicity and ease of use the software makes sure that it takes care of all stubborn bugs. Some might consider it expensive but given the surplus of features that come with this version, it is the best possible bargain.

Why We Need System Mechanic?

Computer normally slows down after using it for some time. Many think that this is because of the aging of PC and can not be avoided. But actually there is nothing like aging for your computer system and it can run as fast as a new one forever.

As we use computers, we open and close lots of files and application that leave trail. Computers dedicate a portion of its memory to keep track of your activity. System Mechanic uses its sets of tools to reallocate and regain unnecessarily occupied memory and keeps your PC fast.

System Mechanic Review in Detail

Installation and Setup

The installation process is very simple. Users are guided throughout the installation process and it can be finished very quickly. System Mechanic automatically determines the best settings for you. This is a very convenient software to use even for the new computer users.

Interface and Features

The user interface of System Mechanic 12 is colorful and easy to use. There is a meter available to show you the status of your pc. Users can easily change settings using different important menus assembled on the dashboard.

System Mechanic provides Guided Recommendations to help you gain the best possible speed for your PC. It shows the best suggestions for your pc and lets you fine tune it to obtain highest computer speed.

The AcceleWrite feature minimizes data writing randomly. As a result overall performance of system increases and your pc works more efficiently.

The Startup Optimizer of System Mechanic reduces the time needed to start your computer. It eliminates unimportant start-up programs and therefore, starts computer faster.

Designated Drivers feature of System Mechanic automatically install driver updates to maintain best performance of your pc. It makes updating drivers very easy for you. With System Mechanic, you can update your critical device drivers with just one click.
Program Accelerator realigns the files of a computer program to enable your PC respond fast. It changes the alignment of program files in such a way that computer program needs less time to start and respond.

The CRUDD Remover of System Mechanic analyzes and finds out the unnecessary programs for you. So you can easily understand which programs are rarely used and can be removed to improve your PC efficiency.

The Internet Connection Repair feature repairs your Internet connection to stop frequent Internet disconnection. It improves your internet experience and instantly re-establishes Internet connection with your computer.

Ease of use

System Mechanic can be managed easily with its excellent user interface. You can analyze your computer’s status with just one click. System Mechanic will do all the hard work to present you the most convenient “Repair All” button to speed up your PC.

Help and Support

You can contact the iolo support team using the Support menu on its website. After logging in, you can chat with the support team to resolve your technical issues.

System Mechanic Review – Conclusion

System Mechanic is simply the best tool to tune up your PC. It has a host of features many of which are often not found in other PC tune up tools. System Mechanic is also available at a reasonable cost ($49.95) but you can still enjoy a cheaper deal with a 50% discount on the listed price if you use our exclusive System Mechanic coupon code at check out.

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