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iolo Privacy Guardian Review – Best Online Privacy Protection Software

The recent times have seen an increase in the activities carried online. The cyberspace has had an influx of activities be it search for information or financial activities. as more and more businesses bring their activities online so does the risk of sensitive information leaking. The internet is not safe that much is undisputed. However, that should not prevent a user from carrying out their activities all you need is a bit of caution. With browser protection applications like Privacy Guardian, you can browse with an extra cushion of protection. Read our Privacy Guardian review to know more about this top online privacy protection software.

What is Privacy Guardian?

iolo Privacy Guardian couponiolo Privacy Guardian is a browser protection software, which protects all activities online. While browsing it is easy for a seasoned techie to track all activities from your browser cookies. However, with the Privacy Guardian you get to reduce the digital fingerprint. This way even a tech-savvy would have difficulty in accessing your data using your digital fingerprint. The software comes with an extension, which guards you major browsers from disclosing information to any spying, parties.

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Key Features:

  • Privacy Alerts. The software alerts you every time an online party tries to access information from your browser.
  • Tracking site URLs for any sites that reference you.
  • My Track panel clears all cookies and browsing data from all browsers at once.
  • Privacy Guardian extension for your browsers.
  • Private Search adds ensures your anonymity while making online searches.

How iolo Privacy Guardian Works

While carrying out activities on your browser it is often that, you find adverts tailored to your tastes. These adverts carry on across different sites. This is the kind of profiling only possible by a collection of information from your different online sites and searches. Privacy Guardian erases all cookies and sensitive data left after your online activities. The data left creates an online fingerprint with which online profiling is possible. By scrambling all data from your digital fingerprint, the software makes it impossible for online parties attaining your data. The protection also extends to your digital identity details, which at times is very sensitive to leave strewn on the internet.

Ease of Use

The Privacy Guardian is quite simple in its structure. The extension wen installed sends notifications directly to the software’s dashboard. Using the application’s icon to access the dashboard the user can operate all activities. The dashboard shows all the notifications from the browser extensions, which include the tries to gain your information. Using the dashboard, you can clear all cookies and histories from all browsers at once. Check this video to know how to protect your online privacy with Privacy Guardian:

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What makes Privacy Guardian Different from other Privacy Software?

The protection offered by the Privacy Guardian software is Fingerprint based. Using your digital fingerprint any tech-savvy user or forensic expert an access all-important information. This includes passwords and location details among other preferences. It only makes it easier to pin your personal identity with that of your online self. By scrambling the online trail, the Privacy Guardian software prevents the use of your online trail leading to the disclosure of sensitive information. The extension also alerts all sites that reference your identity or tries to collect information from all sites you have visited.

How to Set Up & Install Privacy Guardian?

iolo Privacy Guardian review

You can download the installation file directly on the iOLO website. After creating a shave destination, you can download the file and open it in its destination. Initiate the setup process and follow the prompts. The setup process requires an activation key for full activation. For those installing the software from a disk, the activation key comes printed on the disk cover. For the online installation, you receive the activation key as soon as you purchase it from the iOLO website. Once successfully installed open the software from the system tray and access the dashboard. You can they enable the Privacy Guardian extension on all your major browsers. You receive all notifications and alerts from the extensions on the software’s dashboard.

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iolo Privacy Guardian coupon codeiolo Privacy Guardian Coupon Code:

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iolo Privacy Guardian Review – Bottom Line


  • Deletes all histories from major browsers
  • Erases cookies, passwords and download logs from browsers
  • Compatible with chat programs, email and media players


  • No IP masking

iolo is an old and in computer system protection, optimization, and the Privacy Guardian is only but another example of their prowess. The online world is quite large and the information is key. However, it is easy to disclose sensitive information either knowingly or unwittingly. This is why you need a layer of protection, which erases the sensitive information or at the least prevents its use to track your online profile.

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How to Order Privacy Guardian at

The website provides a Products link on the user bar on top of the homepage. Through this link, you can view the entire iOLO catalogs of software products. You can download the products directly on the website and purchase the activation codes. After settling on a particular product and adding it to your cart, you can check out to receive an activation key. The website allows debit and credit cards as well as online payment methods like PayPal. Additionally, you get a 20% discount with our special Privacy Guardian coupon code. After checking out, you receive a confirmation email and soon after the activation key. The activation key is important while running the software setup wizard.

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