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Phoenix 360 Promo Code

In-depth Review of iolo Phoenix 360

Phoenix 360 is a comprehensive performance, protection, and privacy package designed to help safeguard, speed up, and simplify digital life. It is engineered to keep a computer fast and safe from new and over whelming performance and privacy vulnerabilities. This iolo Phoenix 360 reviews some of its aspects.

What is iolo Phoenix 360?

iolo Phoenix 360 CouponPhoenix 360 a multiple function software from iolo technologies, LLC. It is a new suite of products aimed at speeding up, securing, and simplifying all aspects of digital life. It consists of seven integrated software products, including all the features of System Mechanic, which is the speed and stability component of Phoenix 360.

  • A secure password and credit card manager
  • On-demand malware removal software for if and when a machine has already become infected

These new products are combined with:

  • Newly developed online privacy software that thwarts browser fingerprinting and blocks ad-trackers from following you around the internet
  • Military-grade drive wiping technology
  • Deleted file recovery
  • A real-time antivirus solution
  • All the optimization tools and features within System Mechanic, including the new 2nd generation of Super Definitions ™ program classification system

Download Phoenix 360: Click Here

Key Features:

Phoenix 360 iolo has the following features.

  • System Mechanics – This optimizes computers for peak performances by removing resource-draining bloat ware and fixing frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes.
  • Privacy Guardian – this protects the computer from digital privacy invasion that can’t be stopped by cookie blockers and VPNs. It thwarts browser fingerprinting scripts by scrambling the data they rely upon to gain vast amounts of personal information like, Location, Online searches, Videos watched, Websites visited, Vacation Habits, Prescription medicines, Vehicle Purchases, Income and debt, and Marital and child status.
  • Bye Pass – this secures passwords and manages helps protects online purchases. It achieves this through shielding passwords online, deleting dangerous password hints, remembering passwords, assessing security level of passwords, and remembering passwords. It also can remotely log out all websites from anywhere.
  • Malware Killer – this discovers and removes dangerous malware faster. It is unique among malware remedies as it uses proprietary Pandora Cloud-based scanning and analysis, enabled by its own carefully developed heuristics the algorithm to reduce dramatically detection time for brand new outbreaks. This method allows Malware Killer to continually add to a vast “reputation database,” and even detect previously unknown threats.
  1. Cloud-based malware analysis and remediation
  2. Eradicates newest types of malware
  3. Fast detection time for latest threat outbreaks
  • System Shield – it prevents viruses and spyware from slowing the computer down.
  • Drive Scrubber – this software quickly and securely erase data from the computer’s hard drive employing methods originally developed for the US Department of Defense.
  • Search and Recover – it recover important files that were accidentally deleted.

Why Should I Need Phoenix 360?

One need Phoenix 360 as modern computing faces a frightening number of security and performance vulnerabilities, as methods of data theft, computer hacking, blogging in bloat ware, spams and pop-up ads grow to levels that are more sophisticated each day. Phoenix 360 iolo has been tested professionally and there are no viruses, Trojans, adware, or malware contained. Watch this video why Phoenix 360 can improve the speed of PC:

Click Here to Download iolo Phoenix 360 Now

How to Install & Setup iolo Phoenix 360?

When downloading, choose a destination folder and click Save to save a copy of the Phoenix 360 installation file (Phoenix360Setup.exe).

iolo phoenix 360 installation

To install, open Phoenix360Setup.exe from either your browser download tray or the folder in which you saved it. If the User Account Control window appears, click YES. A welcome to the shield for phoenix 360 appears. Click ‘Next’ button. Then you follow the screen instructions to complete installation. When through, click on finish, this will open the Phoenix 360 active panel.

What iolo Phoenix 360 Can Help You?

Here are seven key features of phoenix 360 can help you:

  • Optimizing PC speed
  • Blocking and removing malware
  • Recovering irreplaceable files
  • Permanently deleting sensitive data
  • Shielding one’s  online habits from spying eyes
  • Enhancing identity theft protection
  • Stopping browser tracking cookie cleaners miss
  • Securing and managing all the passwords

Easy to Use

It has a simple layout structure, which can be used by anyone running Windows OS. It uses simple ‘button word’ interface, which customers can easily understand.

iolo Phoenix 360 vs. System Mechanic – What is the difference between Phoenix 360 and System Mechanic

While it might seem that iolo Phoenix 360 is a System Mechanic upgrade it is not. The Phoenix 360 software is an entirely different software that builds on the System Mechanic features. The software sports additional software features like real-time antivirus solutions, military grade drive wiping technology. These features come with the optimization features in the System Mechanic software. These include secure password and credit card manager, online privacy and malware removal software.

However, those with the System Mechanic software can get the new iolo Phoenix 360 at a reduced price. They also do not have to get new activation key if they have an upgraded System Mechanic activation key. The new purchasers of Phoenix 360 and those who are yet to upgrade their pre-existent System mechanic product license need a new activation key. Check our iolo Phoenix 360 promo code below to get discount at

Best iolo Phoenix 360 Coupon Code:

iolo Phoenix 360 coupon codeiolo Phoenix 360 Coupon Code:

Save 50% OFF on iolo Phoenix 360 for only $39.97 (Reg. $79.95) at!

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Currently phoenix 360 is only compatible with the Windows OS with the following system requirements: At least 270 MB of available hard disk space (includes virus definitions), Minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB), Internet connection, Windows Administrator user account. Current there is no phoenix 360 that is compatible with the MacOS X.

A Few iolo Phoenix 360 Reviews from Actual Customers:

Having tried many different programs, one customer can says that Phoenix 360 is the only one that does its job properly. In new versions, it gave a real difference in performance without causing problems to Windows or other applications. It was necessary for the Windows.


“Another customer liked how the program encrypted data from prying eyes. He felt6 safe as he knew that nobody could access his data due to the security measures of Phoenix 360’”


“One customer, who had lost his data, used Phoenix to recover them. The installation also enabled him to identify the programs, which lead to the loss of the data.”

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

iolo Phoenix 360 Review

Its website layout is simple. At the top right corner, you will find a drop-down menu that lists all the products being sold at iolo.

At the bottom of the page is a simplified tutorial of what the products do.

Orders & Shipping

Currently Phoenix 360 is available from the website. One should have an account with the website to be able to place orders. After placing orders, one will be directed to a downloading site. In addition, an activation code is sent to your email for the pro versions.

Customer Service

The site also has links which customers can call toll free and get assistance on fixing errors, pop ups and malwares. A Facebook page is also available where customer queries can be answered. Complaints in this page are typically answered typically immediately.

Online Support

The site runs a frequently asked questions section in its website where most of the questions concerning its products have been answered. If customers are not satisfied with the answers provided, they can chat with customer service or call there tall free landline number to get assistance

Phoenix 360 Review – Bottom Line

Phoenix 360 is designed to speed up and improve computers performance and to safeguard it against privacy vulnerabilities. Phoenix 360 is more than just software — it represents the future of PC care and maintenance, in which the performance you’ve come to rely on, the protection you expect, and the privacy our digital lives require are all integrated into one seamless experience.

Phoenix 360 Performance Optimizer, Total Protection, & Privacy are provided in one package. It features all existing iolo products and new products being offered by the company. It is also a good security & tune-up software as its privacy guard ones computer from digital privacy invasions that cookie blockers and VPN’s cannot prevent. Customers worried about forgetting their pins have it to thank as its Bye Pass allows it to securely mange credit cards. Its malware discovers and removes dangerous malware faster before it corrupts the computer.

Should I Buy iolo Phoenix 360?

Phoenix is the ultimate performance, protection, and privacy tool, which one should buy. Phoenix 360 retails for $79.95. On the sites, software can save on the purchases of its license key as it has a 50% discount Phoenix 360 coupon code. This offer is available for a limited time though!

Latest iolo Phoenix 360 Promo Code:

iolo Phoenix 360 coupon codeiolo Phoenix 360 Coupon Code:

Save 50% OFF on iolo Phoenix 360 for only $39.97 (Reg. $79.95) at!

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(iolo Phoenix 360 Coupon Code & Review)

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